Iwatani International Corporation (IIC) was started in 1930 when Mr. Naoji Iwatani launched operation to sell oxygen and welding supplies and one of the major industrial gas suppliers. Since then IIC has become the largest supplier of LPG in Japan and has become active around the world. Initially IIC specialized in the gas and energy business, but now through subsidiaries and affiliates our interests include fuel, consumer products, industrial materials, construction, agriculture, and medical products.

25 years ago, Iwatani International Corp. of America (IICA), a wholly owned subsidiary, was started to promote sales in America. IICA currently has offices in Los Angeles, CA, Fort Lee, NJ, and Chicago, IL. We are involved in sales of tabletop stoves, butane fuel, lumber, emergency/survival products, paint, valves, helium, specialty gases, soil, machinery, wire products, chinaware, and several other products.

Since 1930 "Enterprise and Challenge" has been our motivating theme.

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