Trends in kitchens are ever-evolving and many have staying power. Environmentally friendly equipment; productivity improvement practices; menus from farm to table and Instagram-worthy dishes; and equipment that increases food shelf life – these are just a few trends the foodservice industry must adapt to and embrace. But what is truly cutting-edge and making the most impact in the kitchen are the current innovations in technology and engineered solutions.

While it continues to grow and change, we have known for years the value of technology in our homes and our mobile lifestyles. Many commercial equipment manufacturers have recognized the value of connectivity and are applying it in the commercial kitchen. Setting the pace is Welbilt.

Welbilt has been a leader in kitchen innovation for nearly 90 years and their advances in digital technology in the kitchen are making work easier, business better, and ultimately improving the bottom line. Welbilt’s kitchen of the future offers businesses meaningful value and helps to create consistently superior guest experiences. Some of Welbilt’s newest digital tools offer solutions for communication and productivity.

Do you want to focus more time on customer service? Let your equipment communicate to you. With the mobile connectivity of KitchenConnect® you can upload menus in multiple locations simultaneously from your mobile device. The digital alert system will notify you when your equipment needs cleaned or serviced. You will even be able to monitor and analyze how well your kitchen is performing remotely, 24/7. These tools will allow you to optimize your operation, save energy and costs while spending more time with your customers.

As your partner, Welbilt is dedicated to helping you leverage data that optimizes processes, improves the foodservice experience you deliver and enables your foodservice operations to succeed.

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