Columbus, Ohio – After 40 years in business, Zink Foodservice is now employee owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). 

Zink Foodservice provides comprehensive sales, marketing, distribution and installation services for premier manufacturers and authorized dealers of foodservice equipment and smallwares. The establishment of the ESOP will allow Zink’s team of 75+ associates to take true ownership of their positions and their work.

“We have worked very hard at building the organization that we have today. But with any business there comes a time when you have to look around and say, “what does the future hold? How do we set this thing up to be successful for another 40 years? It became clear that an ESOP was an ideal solution for our organization—one that aligns perfectly with our strategic goals,” said Jim Zink, Managing Partner of Zink Foodservice.

The ESOP will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on Zink Foodservice, creating broadbased ownership among all employees, and fostering an environment in which everyone understands his or her role in helping the company provide outstanding service to our clients.

“We now have a built in succession plan that makes sense for our employees, our manufacturers and the existing shareholders. We are very proud of the culture we have at Zink, and the ESOP not only protects the culture, but it enables it to thrive as we continue to grow,” said Mike McGuire, Managing Partner of Zink Foodservice.


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Jim Zink