Oneida Hospitality

Oneida Hospitality Group is a manufacturer and marketer of high quality foodservice and hospitality tabletop and smallwares products for front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house. In addition to the Oneida brand, Oneida Hospitality Group is a collection of other distinguished brands including UpDate International, Tomlinson Industries, Focus Foodservice, Johnson Rose and Co-Rect.

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Oneida Flatware

Sant’ Andrea 18/10 Flatware, Oneida 18/10 Flatware, and Delco 18/0 flatware.


A dramatic steep rim embossed with hand-carved textures creates an impressive showcase for food presentations. Creating by the award-winning European design team of Queensbury-Hunt, Botticelli appeals to both casual and fine dining settings.

Studio Pottery

Add a splash of color for a delectable dessert, or bring your tabletop to life with Studio Pottery. The perfect garnish for your tabletop, combining rich azure hues and more than 20 presentation options will tempt your diner’s palette. 

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