Liquor Store Shelving

VersaRack is the most versatile gravity merchandising system on the market.

Grocery Shelving

The industry leading customizable dairy shelving system.

C-Store Shelving

Custom configured gravity flow shelving to optimize space and increase sales.

Allison Baker

Retail / OEM Specialist

Allison Baker spent 6 years at a manufacturers rep in the semiconductor industry before working at Anthony International for the last 29 years. At Anthony she led the Customer Service Assistance Team as their global director and worked in sales focused on growth in ISE. Allison was born, married, and raised her kids in Southern … Read More

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Rely on Sally the Robot, the salad bar reinvented. Sally puts food safety first so you can serve fresh, custom meals to everyone.


Meet Sally. Sally uses groundbreaking robotics to provide the most hygienic custom salad bar experience available on the market. At the tap of a button, customers can build meals they love with ingredients safely protected in an airtight, refrigerated container. It’s innovative technology that gives you the confidence to safely serve custom meals in grocery stores, hospitals, and college campuses.

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Sani-Spritz Spray

One-Step Disinfectant – Cleaner: Sani-Spritz Spray is approved for use on hard non-porous surfaces to kill and deactivate viruses similar to the virus that causes COVID-19*

ez2mix Dispensing System

Every facility’s needs are unique. Nyco offers a variety of dispensers for the ez2mix chemical management system. The ez2mix system delivers a safe and easy way for users to fill mop buckets, RTU bottles and auto scrubbers – all with zero chemical contact and precise dilution accuracy.

Nyco Products

Nyco Products, based in Countryside, Illinois is a family-owned company, celebrating their 100th year anniversary as a premier cleaning chemical manufacturer. They have a portfolio of over 450 stock and custom formulations and have built their business through both their national brand and private branding program.

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