Outdoor Seating

American TropiCasual seating offers the ideal balance of style, quality and price.  Most models stack and can be used inside as well as outside.  Ideal for restaurants, clubs, resorts and hotels, American TropiCasual carries extensive stock to supply customer needs when time is short.  Atcomfort Brand seating is offered in a variety of materials including … Read More

American Tropicasual

American Tropicasual carries a wide assortment of outdoor chairs, bar stools, tables, and umbrellas as well as indoor table options in a variety of materials.

American TropiCasual Furniture offers more of what you expect in hospitality furnishings...more choice...more design...more value.

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Marko Vinyl

Hard working, professional grade vinyls give you long-lasting, easy-care service. And, with 200 patterns and colors, it’s easy to match almost any decor.

Table Linens and Skirting

The latest technology available to the hospitality industry in table linens is Spun polyester.  It has the look and feel of cotton without sacrificing the durability, colorfastness and shrink resistance of filament polyester. Spun polyester maximizes your return on linen investment, spun polyester.  Our line of 100% spun polyester linens are made up of the … Read More


From Signature Plus fabric and available in an assorted array of striped colors, Farm Stripe napkins stay true to their color even when bleached!

Snap Drape / Marko

Ambiance and setting begins with elegant tables and quality linens. Snap Drape Brands offers the finest line of linens and draperies in the industry. Marko's vinyl table cloths and rolls withstand the test of time and are easy to wipe clean.

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Wood Seating

Our wood seating collection uses European Beech Hardwood, ensuring quality and durability for elegant restaurant decor.

Polycarbonate Shields

Make any space a safe place: Mobile polycarbonate shields can be used to socially distance in classrooms, restaurants, hotels, healthcare and many more! The mobile shields allow for flexibility to rearrange your space as needed with unlimited configurations. All shields consist of high performance engineering plastic polycarbonate which has a transparent texture like glass, but … Read More

Antibacterial Laminate

Reduce bacteria by 99.99% in 24 hours! Put your mind at ease with the newest addition to our line of premium laminate surfaces. AB+ Laminates contain a proprietary additive that inihibits the growth and spread of bacteria and fungus by 99.99%. Reduce the spread of bacteria-causing diseases and provide safe surfaces for your employees, customers, … Read More


Stability® Furniture is a division of Kanak Exports/ Enterprises offering high-quality commercial furniture from chairs, solid wood and laminate table tops ,folding tables, cabinetry. They are the exclusive distributor of HPL Merino® laminates.

Stability® Furniture prides itself in working closely with architects, designers and purchasing agents to ensure the success of each project. The majority of our sales are derived from custom projects, so our product development and sourcing capabilities are extensive. We are also very adept at value engineering product in order to help customers meet their budget objectives.

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