Make Your Budget Go Further & Meet Students’ Dining Expectations

From menus to decor, K-12 and college and university foodservice are becoming more restaurant-like in response to student, faculty and staff expectations. Zink Foodservice will help you find foodservice solutions to provide a quality dining experience, while also reducing your costs, energy use and labor.

With custom solutions, Zink school foodservice experts can identify which products will be the best fit to assist with challenges, such as:

Reducing Labor Cost

Food and labor costs and efficiency

Food nutrition in school foodservice with icon of a clipboard and apple

Food nutrition, including meeting National School Lunch Program and USDA dietary requirements

Energy efficiency to reduce waste, time and money

Food safety compliance

Food safety compliance

Meeting needs of students, faculty and staff

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A+ Cooking and Food Trends for Schools

Schools have unique challenges with feeding large crowds at a time or on-demand, combined with creating a dining experience that can be a selling point for prospective students. Zink’s solutions can create an aesthetically pleasing environment and experience for students while benefiting foodservice employees by allowing for:

  • Batch cooking
  • Cook-and-hold or cook-hold-and-display
  • Grab-and-Go
  • From-scratch or “homemade” cooking
  • Made-to-Order and personalization
  • Accommodations for allergens and cross-contamination
  • Flexible food storage and handling

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Premium Cafeteria Foodservice Solutions for K-12

Invest in the right solutions to lower food and labor costs, improve efficiency, and keep traffic flowing and students delighted.

Our experts can determine equipment solutions based upon your menu, demand, dietary restrictions and space with unlimited customization for the best fit.

Refrigeration, Storage and Handling Equipment

When safety, efficiency, flexibility, time and cost are all priorities, invest in equipment to allow for easy holding, transport and display.

Explore Manufacturers and Select Refrigeration, Storage and Handling Equipment for Schools.

Food Preparation Equipment

Reduce prep time with time- and space-saving equipment solutions to help reduce labor costs.

Explore Manufacturers and Select Food Prep Equipment for Schools.

Primary Cooking Equipment

Advanced and high-speed kitchen technologies enhance your efficiency while maintaining quality.

Explore Manufacturers and Select Primary Cooking Equipment for Schools.

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Tabletop, Servingware & Smallwares

Find solutions to create memorable guest experiences, reduce food waste and more.

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Explore our manufacturers that specialize in school foodservice and the type of solutions they provide.

Carlisle Cafeteria and Mealtime Solutions School Guide

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K-12 School Foodservice Challenges and Solutions

Tamara Earl, child nutrition supervisor for Mason City Schools, discusses how she found a solution for a more nutritious french fry and the process of training staff to meet the needs of the nearly 11,000 students they serve.

How Schools Can Use the Convotherm 4

Chef Ash highlights the features and functionality of the Convotherm 4, which is just one of 56 models available. Watch as it takes vegetables from frozen to ready-to-serve in only 5 minutes, and crisps potatoes without frying.

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