SanitiZe with Zink!

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us all to rethink how we approach sanitation in the workplace. Zink has been sending out a series of emails with how we can help. Each details a product that can elevate the standard for clean in the kitchen, or front of house.

Featured Products:

  1. Kleen-Pail Pro Color-Coded Pails by San Jamar
  2. Hands-Free Handwashing Sinks by Advance Tabco
  3. Helios UV Knife Sterilizer Cabinet by Edlund
  4. Touchless Paper Towel Dispensers by San Jamar
  5. Electronic Sensor Faucets by T&S Brass
  6. Sani Paks by Sani Station by San Jamar
  7. Low Flow Hydrogenerator for Sensor Faucets by T&S Brass
  8. Powdered Precision Cleaner by Alconox
  9. Mobile Heated Cabinets by Crescor
  10. The “Star” Warewashing Lineup by Jackson WWS
  11. Ice Machine Sanitizer by Manitowoc Ice
  12. Hand Wash Timers by Antunes
  13. Glove Box and Spray Bottle Holders by New Age

Stay tuned! More products added every day!