Custom Support from Start to Finish.

Commercial Installation Services

Any Food Service Installation Made Easy.

AIM National’s team assists throughout the entire installation process for multiple types of installaitons, including: 

  • Refrigeration
  • Commercial Hoods
  • Retail and C-Store
  • Dishmachines
  • Cooking
  • Automation
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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation from Design to Install

ZVS, a division of Zink Foodservice, provides complete, custom solutions to overcome your commercial kitchen exhaust and grease-laden air removal challenges.

  • Hood design
  • CAD and Revit detailing
  • Products section listed on website to find exactly what you need
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Filtration Solutions

Zink Foodservice is your filtration experts, whether it is for Fryers, Ventilation, or Water.

We represent WoolGuard Hood Filters,

Place a Woolguard Hood filter into your commercial kitchen hood which:

  • Saves Money
  • Easy to Install
  • Eliminate Water/Chemical Usage
  • Less Fire-Risk
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Increase System Efficiency

For Fryer Filters we represent Filtrox,

Filtrox is Focused, Close, and Proven:

  • Focused: Focused only on depth filtration for valuable liquids
  • Close: Close to our customers around the world
  • Proven: Proven track record in filtration since 1938





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