Creating Spaces

When it comes to creating cool, imaginative, and innovative dining environments, LEYE’s team of designers turns to GAR.

Aba Austin Design Credit: Lettuce Entertain – You + Variant Collaborative – Photo Credit: Chase Daniel

GAR Products specializes in high quality wood furniture including dining chairs, bar stools, and tabletops, but their offering doesn’t stop there. With a large selection of in-stock outdoor furniture options to their custom capabilities, GAR can accommodate many different aesthetics, timelines, and budgets. These factors along with their impeccable craftsmanship are why GAR is one of the first manufacturers restaurant group Lettuce Entertain You’s design team looks to when they begin specifying for a new project.

Lettuce Entertain You currently owns and operates over 100 restaurants nationwide, ranging in design styles and cuisine. With every concept, LEYE’s design team works diligently to create unique spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable and functional. With the assistance of GAR’s years and years of collective furniture making expertise, LEYE’s designers have created custom solutions to fit several of their most popular concepts, including Beatrix Markets and Summer Houses across the United States.

Aba Chicago – Design Credit: Lettuce Entertain You – Photo Credit: Jeff Marini

“GAR has become one of our top go-to sources for chairs, barstools and table bases. They provide many styles, custom capabilities and true comfort.” -Avril Zayas, Senior Designer

“We are always looking for furniture that will not only help define each design and concept, but that can also provide a very comfortable experience to our guest” -Avril Zayas, Senior Designer

Zink’s hospitality division has enjoyed working closely with LEYE’s design team on a variety of projects over the years; the highly anticipated RPM Seafood being the most recent. From quoting, to selecting finishes, to sampling, Zink’s team and GAR were meticulous in making sure LEYE had everything they needed to feel confident the vision for their dining room and bar seating could come to fruition. Zink Hospitality represents GAR in both Illinois and Wisconsin. Our team is eager to consult with you on your next project and bring to you the pleasure of creating with Gar Products.

*Zink proudly represents GAR Products in Illinois and Wisconsin