Zink Foodservice is pleased to announce our representation of Mercer Culinary.

Zink’s Tabletop & Smallwares portfolio now includes Mercer Culinary in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana, W. Pennsylvania and West Virginia effective January 15th.

Mercer Culinary & Barfly mixology tools are leading brands in the culinary trade providing cutlery, culinary tools, mixology tools and apparel to the Foodservice industry.  

“Mercer Culinary is proud to be partnering with Zink Foodservice”, says Sr. Vice President, Joe Flaherty. “For over thirty years Mercer has taken a ChefCentric approach to solutions in professional kitchens, adding the partnership with Zink Foodservice and their vast resources will help propel our growth initiatives in the near future.”

“Mercer Culinary has established itself as a major brand in our industry”, stated Kevin Jennings, Vice President of Sales. “With Mercer, we are aligned extremely well with our customer base and go to market strategy. We are excited to move into 2021 with Mercer Culinary!”