Zink Hospitality: Control the Elements

Outdoor dining has always been a sought-after feature at restaurants during the warm months. With dining restrictions put on restaurants during the pandemic, owners and operators had to get creative on how to offer outdoor dining in all-weather conditions. These creative solutions have bled into normal operations with many restaurants now offering year-round outdoor dining experiences. 

The key to successful year-round outdoor dining is to connect the total restaurant experience while mitigating the elements.  Operators must be purposeful in their design and anticipate customers’ needs in these more exposed environments. For cold-weather, it may be implementing heaters and more permanent architectural solutions while for warm-weather it may be as easy as putting up umbrellas to block the sun. Emu, Homecrest, GAR Products, and Wabash Valley all offer all-weather dining solutions to consider for your space that not only control the elements but enhance the experience.