Zink Hosts 2022 Zink Annual Shareholders Meeting

Zink has closed the books on our 2022 Annual Shareholders Meeting.This year was more valuable than ever before, marking our first time being together as a group since the pandemic struck. It was All Systems Go as we spent two days as a team planning for a successful 2022.  

 Zink has expanded our offerings in Sales, Distribution, Installation, Ventilation, and Service and increased the services we can offer our premier manufacturers and customers. Zink operates on the EOS platform, benefitting from our innovative systems: The REV Data Management System, and NetSuite: an accounting platform to assist in distribution. Together, these programs have raised the bar on a standard of excellence for our customers. We are so invested in streamlining our business processes, that we count it among our three uniques that separate us as a company. 2021 brought this philosophy to the forefront. The emphasis on digital media and information management provided opportunities to develop and refine these tools—taking us to new levels. This year’s shareholders have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and the means to use it to grow our collective businesses in their day to day.   

For Zink 2022, we are All Systems Go!


We Care 

Drew Patterson

We Care for one another, our customers and our community. With respect and discipline, we are accountable, we “do the right thing” and we maintain high ethical standards.


Emily Whitmore

We strive for Excellence in everything we do. The integrity of our people and our best-in-class processes and facilities make us the first choice for representation

Positive Attitude

Frank Rivelle 

We approach work and life with enthusiasm, passion and an eye on balance.

Results Driven

Sam Webster

We are a Results Driven team. We succeed by being creative, setting challenging goals and having a sense of urgency in all that we do, all with our customer’s success in mind. 

Forward Focused

Lucie Cerna

We are Forward-Focused and are always seeking education and training for personal and professional growth. We approach new challenges with resourcefulness, flexibility and innovation to develop effective solutions. 

Customer First

Mike Frantz

We believe in delivering added value for our customers. Customer-First is the foundation of our business. We listen to our customers’ needs and we recognize that customer satisfaction is every employee’s responsibility


Smallwares Sales Rep of the Year 

Kevin A. Stiverson

Equipment Sales Rep of the Year


“Chain Gang” For Success with Multi-Units

Chris Mulholland