Restaurant Worker Shortage Move Repetitive Kitchen Tasks to New Restaurant Equipment

Written By Antunes

We’ve all felt the effects of the restaurant labor shortage. The lack of necessary team members could really disrupt your restaurant’s efficiency and the consistency of your customer’s menu favorites.

Antunes provides a customized approach to automation solutions so you can leverage the technology of commercial kitchen equipment to mitigate business risks from the restaurant employee shortage.

The restaurant employee shortage makes retaining your current team members that much more important. Boring, repetitive tasks that many kitchens require are often not favored by employees which could result in employee retention issues. Reallocating a team member from a boring task such as repeatedly filling a sauce cup to interacting with customers can help retain team members.

Customer facing front of house service is important.  Adding automation cooking equipment addresses how to reduce labor costs in a restaurant while not losing focus on the customer. Automation equipment will provide consistent, high-quality product while cognitive load is focused on customer requests.

With automation handling certain workloads, you now can teach employees other new tasks that are essential to the restaurant such as inventory which ensures your team is set for success and can accommodate orders. This gives team members more valuable responsibilities.

Team members can be cross trained into other departments while they are learning how to utilize automation technology which is education on a new technical skill.  If you are wondering ‘What equipment do I need for a restaurant kitchen that simultaneously moves repetitive tasks from team members to allow them to work on other restaurant needs while increasing your kitchen’s overall throughput’ the solution is automation.

Learn how to reduce labor cost in a restaurant by trying automation in your restaurant kitchen.  Results may show reduced employee food handling and improved food quality.  Customers will receive food hotter and fresher from minimization of holding and staging periods.

With automation employees can now be moved to more fulfilling and skilled work without your food quality changing at all.  The goal of automation is not to reduce people, instead it is to increase throughput so that employees can focus on value added tasks such as improving your customer’s experience. Automation also standardizes a process which not only benefits your employees by getting them away from tedious tasks, but it ensures the task on hand is consistently being completed.  

When considering automation technology, it’s important to make sure this new addition will make sense with your commercial kitchen’s specific needs. Making sure the new commercial kitchen equipment consistently and efficiently preforms as it should is important, however making sure it fits into your space is also necessary.

Automation technology can be utilized in virtually any sized restaurant kitchen. Antunes automation not only reduces labor needed but also saves on space.  It brings multiple pieces of commercial kitchen equipment together, combined with automation technology which can reduce the overall footprint needed to complete tasks compared to when this equipment was spread throughout the store.

With automation you can save on everything from food waste to labor while boosting your food production to deliver consistent quality product. Antunes designs automation solutions to easily integrate in your kitchen.

Here are some Antunes Automation Solutions that will elevate your commercial kitchen by increasing the speed of food production, while decreasing common pain point areas such as food waste and customer experience consistency among chain locations.

Antunes Automation Technology Solutions to Help your Commercial Kitchen During the Restaurant Worker Shortage

Automated Cup Filling

  • Touchless activation by placing cup onto base of the dispenser
  • Sauce stops drip-free automatically
  • Integrated controls allow easy adjustment of sauce volume
  • Dispenses thin and thick sauces
  • Up to 1200 cups per hour

Automated Cheese Dispensing

  • Touchless operation
  • Holds and dispenses heated sauce
  • Adjustable temperature and volume

Automated Bun Feeder

  • Bun quality is improved by controlling air exposure and handling
  • Sandwich temperature is increased by just-in-time bun production
  • Allows labor to be deploy to other tasks
  • Reduce recognition and initiation time by approx.15-20 sec. per transaction – Up to 1,200 buns per hour
  • Easy to operate and low maintenance

Automated Breading Machine

  • Automatically coats chicken strips, nuggets, and wings in milk- wash ​
  • Preloaded chicken drums tumble at a programable speed for maximum coating 
  • Easy to clean with automated clean-in-place system​
  • Refrigerated cabinet maintains product at 35 – 40F°
  • Dust management improves the kitchen environment​

Automated Conveyors

  • Asynchronous operation provides full flexibility of order delivery
  • Multiple trays can run back-to-back to allow for larger orders in a smaller footprint
  • Programmable acceleration, deceleration, and conveyor speed matching increases throughput
  • Automatically adjusts height to meet car window at delivery with a tray that extends to customer
  • Clean-in-place for hard to access upper horizontal transfer
  • Internal camera monitoring system and full displayed order transfer status

Work with your Zink representative to get the ideal Automation Solution for your commercial kitchen.