How Colleges Are Shaping the Grab-And-Go Food Trends

Federal Industries

By Federal Industries Mar 7, 2023

College and university foodservice operations are shifting to accommodate lifestyle changes among college students. This has led to the rapid spread of grab-n-go foods on college campuses. With many students looking for quick meals on campus that they can eat as they walk from class to class, it is incumbent on college kitchens and foodservice managers to provide their students with a variety of healthy options. Now, colleges have taken the lead in the grab-and-go foodservice space, demonstrating the power and potential of quick-service meals.

How Colleges Are Shaping the Grab-And-Go Food Trends

College is a busy time for teenagers and young adults, and many students do not have time to sit down and eat a full meal during the day. At the same time, college students must have enough nutrition to focus on their classes, maintain a busy social lifestyle, and participate in extracurricular and athletic activities.

With such a busy lifestyle, there has been an increased demand for quick foods. While students might relish the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a full meal with their friends, the reality is that they are on the go most of the time. This has led to an increased demand for grab-and-go options on college campuses and universities, and schools must provide a healthy variety of choices to ensure all dietary preferences are accommodated.

The Power Of Takeout And Grab’N’Go Campus Eats

College cafeterias should offer a variety of on-the-go food options for both students and visitors. First, some students have dietary restrictions. Some college students might be allergic to certain food choices, and others might follow vegetarian or vegan diets. Second, offering a variety of food options for students and visitors can also make a positive impact on potential applicants. Today, colleges and universities are competing for the best and brightest students, and schools that offer various food options will have an easier time convincing prospective students to apply. Finally, offering a variety of grab-and-go food options is beneficial because it provides students with a well-rounded diet complete with all of the nutrients they need. This will give students a strong foundation to focus on their schoolwork.

Colleges and universities looking for grab-and-go food options might notice a few common themes. For example, college students today are more social-conscious about their snacking than prior generations of college students. A majority of college students have indicated that they are willing to pay more for ethical snacks. College students also want the ability to customize their dishes to meet their needs. They not only want to choose their ingredients but also specify how much of each ingredient they want. Finally, college students are also looking for more adventurous, multicultural food that can expose them to different parts of the world.

How To Attract More Grab-And-Go Sales on College Campus

While offering more grab-and-go food options is a great place to start, universities also need to know how to attract more grab-and-go salesFederal’s Vision Series Display Cases can help colleges maximize their grab-and-go sales by making these offerings as appealing as possible. Everyone eats with their eyes first, and that includes college students. These display cases will increase visibility from the front and side, grabbing the eyes of hungry students as they walk in the door.

Furthermore, these food display cases for colleges do not require a lot of maintenance, as they have fan motors that can reduce the buildup of dust and debris that would otherwise collect on the condenser coil. By investing in the right display cases, grab-and-go food options will make a positive first impression on hungry college students as they enter the dining area.