How Zink Foodservice Brought First Solar’s Kitchen to Life

Travis Lusky explaining the Convotherm Combi Oven

Let’s dive into a story that’s all about some serious kitchen magic. Zink Foodservice, your one-stop shop for everything foodservice, recently rolled up our sleeves for a pretty awesome project at First Solar. The goal was to create the ideal kitchen space so hundreds of employees could enjoy delicious, high-quality meals every single day.

Innovative Solutions for a Diverse Menu

Problem: Meeting Diverse and Large-Scale Meal Prep Needs | Solution: Convotherm Combi Oven

Understanding the diverse and voluminous needs of First Solar’s hundreds of employees, Zink Foodservice recommended the Convotherm Combi Oven, a versatile cooking solution that empowers the kitchen staff to prepare a variety of menu items in large batches. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of ovens, letting the kitchen team whip up batches of your favorites, whether they need steam, convection, or a bit of both. It’s all about getting those mouth-watering dishes out without a hitch.

Combi Ovens

Keeping It Hot and Ready

Problem: Maintaining Food Quality Over Time | Solution: Cresc Cor Heated Cabinet

Nobody likes waiting, right? That’s where the CresCor Heated Cabinet comes into play; efficiency meeting flexibility. It’s like a cozy hotel for food, keeping everything warm and ready to go. This means the kitchen can get a head start on the day, and you get your food fresh and on time. Win-win!

Heated Cabinets

Pizza and Subs? Yes, Please!

Problem: Efficiently Preparing Popular Menu Items | Solution: Delfield Dual Rail Pizza Prep Table & the Lincoln Double Stack Conveyor Oven

We all know pizza and subs are the MVPs of any menu. To make sure these staples were top-notch, Zink Foodservice brought in the Delfield Dual Rail Pizza Prep Table, making it a breeze to keep all those toppings organized. And to keep things quiet in the dining area, they installed a Lincoln Double Stack Conveyor Oven, minus ductwork since it’s a ventless unit. It’s all about keeping those pies coming without skipping a beat.

Dual Rail Pizza Prep Table

Double Stack Conveyor Oven

The Backbone of a High-Performing Kitchen

Problem: Need for Durable and Functional Kitchen Infrastructure | Solution: Advance Tabco work tables, custom tables, & sinks

No kitchen can function without the essentials of reliable work surfaces and sinks. To this end, Advance Tabco work tables, custom tables, and sinks were chosen for their durability and adaptability, ensuring that the kitchen staff at First Solar have the best tools at their disposal to maintain a smooth and efficient operation.

Work Tables, Custom Tables, & Sinks

This project at First Solar was more than just installing equipment; it was about creating a place where food brings people together, fuels the workday, and adds a little joy to the mix. Here at Zink Foodservice we are invested in your success. Visit a culinary center today to find the products perfect for your kitchen.

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