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Meet our diverse tabletop team of seasoned pros in making dining spaces shine! They’re the ones who put together our eye-catching showroom displays and offer the kind of practical advice that only comes from real-world experience. Looking for something fresh and trendy or a classic look that never goes out of style? Our team’s got you covered, ensuring that every piece we recommend not only looks great but works great too.

Frank Rivelle has been an integral part of Zink since 2016, showcasing his versatility through roles ranging from equipment and smallwares sales representative to his current position as a tabletop Territory Manager for the Zink East Territory. Before joining Zink Foodservice, Frank bolstered his expertise in the food industry by being an owner-operator of numerous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio alongside working as a National Account Executive for a large foodservice corporation.  During this time, he was able to learn sales and management professional experience, coupled with outstanding expertise in directing effective sales programs, developing accounts, and increasing revenue. With a career spanning various facets of the industry, Frank stands as a testament to dedication, adaptability, and service that has allowed him to thrive in the Core Values of Zink Foodservice.

Frank is a proud Alumnus of the Fisher College of Business at THE Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Production and Operations Management. Frank resides in Westerville, Ohio with his wife, Renee, and three children.  

Q: What drives your passion for helping clients find the right tabletop solutions, and what do you find most rewarding about your role?

A: What drives my passion for helping clients is to assist in finding solutions to help our customers become successful.  I have been on the other side of the rep business so I have a good understanding of how a rep group should work.  Zink’s Core Values we care, excellence, customer-first, results driven, forward focused along with a positive attitude has made it easy for me to be significant in helping our customers succeed.

Greg Fedurek started his Manufacturer Representative career in 1988 with Top ‘O The Table, Inc. They were acquired by Zink Foodservice in 2008. With an extensive background in tabletop and smallwares, Greg knows the questions to ask that will help the operator make the right decisions. Greg worked for a national tabletop company before becoming a manufacturer rep which bolstered his tabletop expertise. The knowledge and dedication he has for the industry show with several national tabletop awards through industry publications like FE&S Magazine.

Greg shares his knowledge with customers to succeed and become lifelong friends. Greg graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Living in Farmington Hills, Michigan he is an integral part of the Central and East Regions along with the Hospitality division for Zink.

Q: If you could choose any person in the world to have dinner with, who would it be and why? What dinnerware from our premier brands would you use?

A: That is a great question. Since I’ve played golf all my life it would be Jack Nicklaus. Jack in his day was totally focused on the course and nothing distracted his goal of winning! The dinnerware would be a mix of RAK Stone by RAK Porcelain and white porcelain squares and rounds by Tuxton. Very strong and durable and long-lasting like Jack!  

For Anthony tabletop has always been a passion as his roots in the industry began by working for a Distributor who was an industry leader in the category. There he was able to learn from some of the best Tabletop presenters in the industry. As he continued his path on the distribution side of the business, he is proud to say he has opened and taken part in over 200+ new installations of dinnerware. As his career shifted and he moved to the factory side of the business, he was fortunate to be a regional sales manager for a premier melamine manufacturer. At that time he learned about the elevation of melamine in the industry and the proper placement of this product into the market. Anthony’s next step as a District Manager for one of the most respected glassware and tabletop manufacturers allowed him greater access to both end users and distributor sales reps. His team assisted in hundreds of opportunities a year and he was able to gain further perspective to the competitive landscape of this business segment.

Today Anthony gets to represent various premier Tabletop Manufacturers in his role here at Zink and that flexibility allows him the opportunity to service a wide range of customers with a proper solution for all. He says “It is always an honor to be selected to represent an end user’s tabletop as it is many times the most photographed and memorable part of a meal.”

Q: Favorite thing to show in the showroom? Favorite thing about the showroom experience?

A: My favorite thing about a customer visiting our showroom is the expression on their face when they first enter the space. Immediately they realize the scope of products we have and are generally impressed with our displays and product offerings. I love the process of putting together a tabletop.  Matching form and function to the creative desires of the customers is a unique experience. It is also great to see how a visit for a high-speed oven leads to a tabletop conversation and how our team interacts to take care of our customers and provide an overall positive experience. From then on we become a source for that operator.

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