Zink Foodservice Celebrates Grand Opening of State-of-the-Art Culinary Center in Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

Zink Foodservice, a leading sales representative group in the restaurant, education, healthcare, hospitality, and retail industries, proudly announces the grand opening of our brand-new Culinary Center & Showroom in Indianapolis, Indiana. This innovative facility is designed to redefine the standards of culinary excellence and equipment testing in the Midwest.

Custom Bar by Glastender, Barstools by GAR Products

The Zink Culinary Center is a unique space where chefs and foodservice professionals can engage directly with the latest advancements in kitchen technology. The center provides an unparalleled opportunity for hands-on testing of an extensive range of equipment, including high-speed ovens, labor-saving prep tools, ventless cooking equipment, and custom fabrication solutions.

At Zink Foodservice, we understand that the cornerstone of great culinary experiences is not only high-quality equipment but also the knowledge and insight to use it effectively,” said Chef David Ash, Director of Culinary at Zink. “Our new Culinary Center is more than just a facility; it’s a commitment to our clients’ success, providing a supportive environment where they can innovate, experiment, and refine their culinary operations with confidence.”

Key Features of the Zink Culinary Center:

Hands-On Experience: Clients are encouraged to bring their own ingredients and collaborate directly with Chef Ash and the Zink team to optimize their dishes and processes.

Advanced Equipment Access: From induction cooktops to walk-in freezers and automation technology, the center showcases a comprehensive suite of the latest culinary equipment.
Client-Centered Design: Every aspect of the Culinary Center is crafted to address the specific needs of Zink’s diverse client base, ensuring relevant and effective solutions.

Diverse Tabletop Showroom: When you step into a Zink Foodservice showroom, you’re not just entering a space filled with tabletop and smallwares; you’re stepping into an immersive experience designed to inspire, educate, and assist.

Designer Center for Zink Hospitality: Visiting our showrooms offers not just a shopping experience but an opportunity for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and hospitality newcomers alike to envision, create, and elevate their spaces with a treasure trove of ideas, products, and expertise.

State-of-the-Art Custom Bar: Glastender helped Zink build a custom bar design with all the must-haves for an establishment. Designed with bartenders in mind this bar will keep your operations running smoothly.

Addressing Industry Needs
The center was ideated from a simple yet powerful insight: the need for chefs to test and understand equipment before making an investment. This hands-on approach helps eliminate uncertainties that typically surround new equipment acquisitions.

Strategic Location and Accessibility
Zink has strategically located their Culinary Centers to be accessible within two hours driving distance for all clients within their service territory, ensuring convenience and encouraging frequent use.

Commitment to Ongoing Success
Post-purchase, Zink Foodservice remains committed to client success through ongoing education and robust factory support, ensuring that each customer maximizes the potential of their new equipment.

Thank you to all who attended our Grand Opening event!

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