The Garland Group manufactures premium professional cooking appliances for the foodservice industry, under the Garland, US Range, and SunFire brands. Garland heritage dates back to the 1920’s, and the Detroit-Michigan Stove Company. Their ground-breaking line of “Garlands” earned a place among the most innovative and elite cooking appliances of the time.

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XPress Grill 2-sided cooking provides faster more consistent results. Double your production, not your space. Exists in 1, 2 or 3 platen.


Power, precision and efficiency – get exactly what you need from Garland’s complete line of light, medium and heavy-duty ranges. Dozens of range top and bottom configurations available.


The award winning G-Series Restaurant Range expanded the boundaries for a chef’s creativity by providing the perfect piece of equipment. Designed by chef’s, engineered by experts.

With a line of new, Best-In-Class Gas Restaurant Ranges, the High Efficiency Broiler, and the amazing Xpress Grill, The Garland Group has netted three National Restaurant Associated Kitchen Innovation Awards in just two years, demonstrating how equipment design innovation can reduce operating costs while improving food quality, promoting safety, and conserving energy.

With two North American facilities producing a full line of ranges, ovens, counter-top equipment, custom island suites, and chain specialty items, The Garland Group is a flagship operation in the Manitowoc family of foodservice companies.

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