Filtrox first introduced superior depth filtration for frying oils to the food industry in 1987. Over the years, Filtrox' SuperSorb® CarbonPad filtration system has helped food service operators and food processing manufacturers around the world serve healthier, better tasting fried foods.

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Portable Filtration Machine

The LS-1 is a portable filtration machine for foodservice operations using fryers that do not have built-in filtration systems. This light to medium duty machine is designed to filter 50-100lbs of oil.

Supersorb Carbon Pads

Super filtering with the Supersorb Carbon pad! This frying oil phenomenon bring transformational technology into your frying area in the simple form of a carbon pad. Your frying oil is cleaner, longer lasting, you use less, and the food you’re frying tastes better!

SuperSorb Carbon Pad Envelope

We all know that clean oil leads to great tasting food and happy customers. But did you know that a good filter extends the life of your oil? With SuperSorb CarbonPads, your frying oil is filtered cleaner, so it lasts longer, you use less, save more, and have more consistent food quality.

Today, Filtrox manufactures a complete line of frying oil filtration media and equipment, from CarbonPads and CarbonPaper envelopes/cones to portable food service filter machines, large industrial filter equipment and more.

Filtrox’ worldwide distribution network and comprehensive technical and marketing support services will help you build a frying program that improves productivity and increases food service and processing profitability.  We’ll help you ‘get the most out of your frying oil!’

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