Antunes is a leading custom solutions provider of countertop cooking equipment and water filtration systems for the global market. Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, Antunes is driven by a commitment to offer innovative products, premium quality and personal service rooted in lasting partnerships—to ultimately deliver on its unifying promise: to drive success for every customer.

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Antunes grilling equipment is designed to cook, warm and even display customers’ favorites. Our easy-to-use egg stations are renowned for their consistency, flexibility and versatility, making it quick and simple to serve up moist, delicious scrambles and omelets in minutes. If paninis are on the menu, Antunes grilling technology makes it effortless to get the … Continued


Fresher taste. More appetizing presentation. Higher nutritional value. With steam, you get it all — in far less time than with traditional cooking methods. Steaming is the perfect way to quickly and evenly melt cheese, or prepare anything from seafood to pasta, vegetables and more. Antunes carries a Rapid Steamer Jet Steamer Miracle Steamer and … Continued


Whether it’s radiant or contact toasting, our high-volume designs deliver consistency, speed and reliability — helping your operation stay profitable and always on the competitive edge.  Antunes hosts the best in class toasters in Vertical Contact Toaster Flatbread Toaster Muffin Toaster Radiant Toaster the Gold Standard Toaster

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