The company develops and manufactures innovative, operator-oriented stainless steel equipment for harsh Foodservice environments: can crushers; manual, electric and air-powered can openers; high speed industrial can opening systems; mechanical and digital portion control scales; mechanical and digital receiving scales; knife sharpeners and knife racks; and tongs.

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Bravo Scales

Edlund’s BRAVO! BRV Series Digital Portion Scales set the new standard in affordably priced, high performance scales forFoodservice. With our new, Exclusive, ClearShieldTM Protective Cover feature, your scale can stand up to most any task whilebeing protected from damaging grease, dust, and excess juices, which can cause corrosion.

KSUV Knife Sterilization Cabinet

Holds up to 12 knives or 8 masks Sterilize your knives or PPE in as little as 3 minutes! LED lights indicate when sterilization is in process
Edlund Titan


All in one stainless steel Dicer, Wedger, Corer, and french fry cutter. Allows for maximum productivity with minimal effort in a cutting edge design

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